Produce less, but produce better!

We love to design and manufacture amazing products for our customers, but we love it even more if we can produce them in a healthy and intelligent way.


We are aware that there is still a lot of work to be done and that our area of activity is not the most suitable for this, but we take great care to do everything we can to get better.

To produce our items in healthy ways.
To produce high-quality products.
To comply with international standards and laws.
To promote intelligent materials.
To promote the cleanest transport.
To improve our supply chains.
To compensate where we can no longer act.
To offer more local production.
To have a positive social and societal impact.
To produce less but better.
To obtain B Corp certification.
All while taking part in Swiss Triple Impact program to meet UN sustainable development goals.

Meet the team

Our highly diverse team brings together people with very different backgrounds and mindsets. Each member of our close-knit team is an expert in their field and takes pleasure in supporting their colleagues to help our loving Inovacomm family grow and develop. At the heart of this well-oiled machine are strong human values, unwavering commitment, a good dose of humour, strong team spirit and great attention to sustainable development. #inovateam

Lionel Zingaro


Team all_3_nine.png

Virginie Oulevay


Team all_4_aline.png

Aline Boschung

Logistics & Administration Executive

Team all_5_lore.png

Loredana de Santis Hoyas


Team all_6_shaojun.png

Shaojun Yi Mendicino

Global Director of Procurement

& Supply Chain

Team all_8_joy.png

Joëlle Fantoli

Purchaser & Editor

Team all_9_sahra.png

Sahra Piller


Team all_11_adri.png

Adrien Fasel

Art Director

Team all_12_maly.png

Marilyne Jdahim

Industrial Designer

Team all_13_rach.png

Rachel Bouillant

Graphic Designer