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We are B CorpTM! That’s good! But what is it?

The non-profit organization B LabTM was established in Philadelphia, the United States, in 2006 by three entrepreneurial friends whose idea was to certify companies according to non-financial objectives.

B Corp certified companies are organisations that meet high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. Through a series of 200 questions, the B Impact Assessment (the measurement tool used for the certification process) assesses how companies manage their employees, their environmental footprint, the manufacture of their products, their supplier networks and their interactions with communities.

It is therefore with great pride that Inovacomm becomes a certified B Corp company. Obtaining this certification is not an end in itself but rather the beginning of a continuous improvement process.

« By joining the movement, we want to be agents of change and thus pollinate our entire ecosystem in a positive way. »


View our profile, our points and the criteria on which we obtained B Corp Certification.

Download the BCORP Declaration of Interdependence


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