Before we can compensate for anything, we have to analyse and improve the entire production chain and the related logistics, otherwise it is simply counterproductive and misleading. However, even if we are bursting with a desire to do the right thing, there will always be things we cannot change. It is at this point, when we have made every effort we can to reduce our impact, that compensation makes perfect sense!

What we’ve achieved:

  • We calculate our CO2 footprint on all our customised production lines as well as the transport we manage.
  • We transform our carbon footprint into an investment fund through an interface specially created for us.
  • We study and select projects that are close to our heart and that follow an environmental approach.
  • We redistribute these funds to approved projects once a year.
  • We can also support a cause or project suggested by our customers, if it is close to their heart and based on their productions.


What we’re working on:

In the short term, achieving carbon neutrality on all our customised products.