We founded our company on our desire to bring a different approach to promotional items by making them more conscious and relevant. We did not want to saturate the market with unnecessary products. To achieve this, we immediately identified quality as our primary performance criterion.

What we’ve achieved:

Based on our past successes and mistakes, we have created a number of safeguards:

  • We choose our suppliers meticulously; we give priority to partners who understand our quality objectives and are ready to help us achieve them.
  • We opened an office in China to increase our agility and to better coordinate the various players on the ground.
  • We developed a very comprehensive sampling and production monitoring process (approval samples, pre-production samples, on-line quality control) to make sure that we have full control of each manufacturing step.
  • We commission an independent body to perform the quality control on each of our productions.
  • We perform compliance tests on all our products.


What we’re working on:

Improving our network in order to monitor every step of the production process and manufacture each component of the item ourselves. This gives us greater control over the various steps and greater transparency for the materials we produce. We have already been able to achieve this goal for most of our accessories (labels, pullers, zips, packaging, etc.) and in particular for our recycled fabrics that we produce exclusively through our own circuits.