Working conditions

We have a responsibility to stop turning a blind eye and to demand a strict commitment from our partners to ensure there is no infringement of human rights at any of our manufacturing sites.

What we’ve achieved:

  • We ensure that each manufacturing site we work with aims for continuous improvement and acts in accordance with BSCI (level C) or Sedex 4P audit protocols at least.
  • We are members of these organisations ourselves, which allows us to monitor the development of our partners, verify their commitments and request ad hoc audits.
  • We regularly help with the costs incurred by these analytical measures in order to show our commitment and support to our partner factories.
  • We train and encourage new suppliers to take such steps and help them implement them.

What we’re working on:

Continuing to advance our partners and continuing our dedicated work to promote such approaches. Ensuring that one day this type of premise becomes the norm at all levels. Leading the way ourselves by obtaining B Corp certification. 

Download our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)