A multitude of new “green” materials and projects are cropping up, and it is not always easy to know whether these projects are really relevant or whether they are actually just greenwashing. If we want to use new “intelligent” materials, we need to do our own research and be critical to ensure we remain consistent. We want to be on the lookout for new technological advances and are constantly seeking new materials. We target new developments resulting from recycling and prioritise labelled and certified materials.

What we’ve achieved:

  • We created Inovalab with the goal of offering you a whole range of new materials aimed at limiting our environmental impact and changing our purchasing habits.
  • We use materials that have the advantage of being organic, biodegradable and/or recyclable and allow certain waste to be reused.
  • We use materials that respond to new social and economic realities, with the aim of avoiding the use of petroleum-based chemicals and promoting a more ethical and sustainable consumption model.
  • We offer a library of materials in our showroom so that you can discover, touch and feel the products. 
  • We are at your disposal to explain each material and advise you. 


What we’re working on:

Exchanging, thinking and finding new solutions to produce even smarter, together.
Building a new range that will showcase this general way of thinking and demonstrate our desire to act differently.