Labels and certifications

Our dream is to be able to manufacture all our items with healthy and intelligent materials. However, if we do so without a guarantee, we are going against our values. It is therefore essential for us to work under the safety net of recognised and proven labels and certifications in order to produce the cleanest possible items.

What we’ve achieved: 

  • We promote the most stringent certifications for each type of material.
  • We study and analyse each available certification and request updates if necessary.
  • We check on certifications for each batch of our products and draw up the certifying document.
  • We refuse to work with uncertified recycled or organic materials.

What we’re working on:

Continuing to offer ever cleaner materials and drawing our customers’ attention to the importance of such approaches. Working to one day be able to offer a unique range of healthy and certified materials that can make the minimal benefits of “standard” production a thing of the past.