Microfiber Leather

Microfibre leather is high-quality synthetic leather (compared with leatherette or PU leather), and is therefore a high-tech leather replica. This is the third generation of artificial leather, after PVC leather and PU leather. Its surface can be embossed with different types of grains and colours, allowing it to be widely used for many types of “leather” products.

Its superior characteristics mean that microfibre leather is the best synthetic substitute material for natural leather. It is made using fully synthetic materials, nylon and PU (polyurethane), and is therefore free from animal substances. It has high tensile and tear resistance, excellent physical and chemical performance and very good durability.



The cost of microfibre leather is lower than that of real leather, and its properties and appearance are higher quality than those of PU leather. It has a feel similar to natural leather.

This material has an even surface with no defects, holes or blemishes, which makes its effective use rate much higher than that of real leather for which quite a lot of material is wasted during the skin preparation process. It also allows large articles to be made. In addition, microfibre leather is easy to cut, sew and clean.

Its excellent resistance to hydrolysis, durability over time, exceptional resistance to abrasion and tearing, tensile strength, bending endurance, lightness, good chemical properties, breathability and waterproofing all make the physical performance of microfibre leather as good or even better than that of real leather. Its surface can be coated with antibacterial and anti-mould solutions with no risk of damaging the material.

Finally, microfibre leather is more environmentally friendly than PU and is safe to use, as it is manufactured in accordance with REACH test requirements.



The use of microfibre leather outside the furniture sector is quite recent. Orders for smaller quantities of the material result in a fairly high price per metre, sometimes close to that of real leather.

Microfibre leather has a manufacturing process linked to petroleum-based sources. It is made using fully synthetic materials, nylon and PU (polyurethane). However, this material is much more environmentally friendly than PU or PVC leathers.

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